Taylor Swift Talks Fall Fashion: Watch Here!

Taylor Swift Talks Fall Fashion: Watch Here!

As consumers begin thinking about what to wear in cooler weather, Taylor Swift shared her own thoughts on fall fashion with Marie Claire.

When asked what specifically she was looking forward to this season, the country crooner replied, “I like a good velvet shoe. That”s something I like. I would love to be able to incorporate that into what I wear.”

As for colors, she shares, “But for fall I really stick to like the neutral tones, like browns and just kind of like the darker colors but not full-on, not full-on like winter black.”

Asked if she follows fashion closely, the 23-year-old songstress explained, “Not to the point where I have an impressive vocabulary about it. You know how some people have a fashion vocabulary where they”re like, Oh my God, those lines in that newoh my, I died, I died!””

Realistic about what she wears, Taylor says, “I love following fashion but sometimes when the trend is everyone is dressing like a motorcycle driver or they”re wearing a scuba suit and it doesn”t really apply to my life, I take what applies to my life.” Check out the video of her interview below.