Taylor Swift says Harry Styles can sing about their break-up

Taylor Swift says Harry Styles can sing about their break-up
We Are Never Getting Back Together singer Taylor Swift, who recently dated One Direction star Harry Styles, has said that she would not be fazed if he wrote about their relationship in a song.

“If I”m gonna write songs about my exes they can write songs about me,” she said. “That”s how it works.”

Taylor, 23, is known for writing songs about her celebrity boyfriends, who have included Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal, singer-songwriter John Mayer and politician Robert Kennedy”s grandson, Conor Kennedy.


Her latest track I Knew Your Were Trouble is said to be aimed at One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles. She opened up about their brief romance in an interview with Vanity Fair.

A source revealed Taylor split with Harry because of his wandering eye, and the attention that he was giving other girls. “The whole time she says she feels like he”s looking at every girl,” said the source. “Then he disappears one night and after that it was like he just didn”t want to keep going.”

Early on in their relationship a photo went viral of Harry kissing another girl, which ended the romance. Although Taylor took him back after much grovelling from Harry, their relationship fizzled out after just two months together.

She also denied being the boy-crazy, serial-dater she is often portrayed as. “If you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people,” she said, referring to Conor and Harry.

Since their split, Taylor has recently been linked to Ed Sheeran, who is coincidentally Harry”s close friend. Taylor and Ed met earlier last year to work on her album Red and will start their tour later this month.