Taylor Swift Gives Some Love to Her Fans

Taylor Swift Gives Some Love to Her Fans

She won three awards at the 2013 CMA Awards on Wednesday (November 6), and Taylor Swift didn”t forget to give her loyal fans a loving shout-out backstage.

From a press room at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, the 23-year-old said, “For me when I think about them, and I think about my fans as a group. I think about the little things. I think about the letters that I get from classrooms, and the YouTube videos of some little girl opening up her Christmas present and it”s tickets to my show. And I think of young girls learning lessons on guitar.”

The “22” singer continued, “Sometimes I”ll sit in a position where I can watch people leave the shows and I”ll look at the shirts that they made and the signs and some people will cover themselves in Christmas lights so I can see them from the stage. I know that”s creepy but I just like to watch.”

Taylor also responded to the apparent hatred spewing from pop queen Lady Gaga”s fans, saying, “I just feel so proud that my fans are always nice to other fans,” she added. “They don”t say hateful things. They don”t say they”re going to set people on fire or anything. They”re not sending death threats to other people.”

Reports state that after Lady Gaga began a feud with “E! Fashion Police” hostess Kelly Osbourne, Gaga”s “Little Monsters” sent her hateful messages. The 27-year-old responded to her fans, writing, “Monsters, please just focus on the positive of tonight”s performance and do not send any hateful messages. I don”t support it. #SpreadLove.”