Taylor Swift Gets Personal in Marie Claire September 2013

Taylor Swift Gets Personal in Marie Claire September 2013

Taking time away from the stage, Taylor Swift scored a feature in the September 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine.

During her Q&A session with the publication, the “22” songstress revealed a few personal details about herself including her biggest regrets and fears.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Swift”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Marie Claire!

On her biggest mistakes:
“Every one of my regrets has produced a song I”m proud of.”

On her favorite quote:
“”Why don”t you tell me that if the girl had been worth having she”d have waited for you No, sire, the girl really worth having won”t wait for anybody.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, “This Side of Paradise.””

On her top five worries:
“Sea urchins. Googling myself. Earwigs. Cynics. Getting arrested.”

On her playlist:
“Music from the “40s, “50s, and “60s, like “Just One Look” by Doris Troy and “Wouldn”t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys.”

On her wish list:
“Contentment, a mint-green bike, and the ingredients to make Shirley Temples.”

On her bucket list:
“Get a college degree somehow, someway.”

On who”s made her s*** list: