Taylor Swift Dazzles at Winter Whites Gala

Taylor Swift Dazzles at Winter Whites Gala

Enjoying some time across the pond, Taylor Swift showed up at the Winter Whites Gala dinner at Kensington Palace in London, England on Tuesday (November 26).

The beautiful country songstress showed off her flawless figure in a plunging neckline gown with a prom-style up-do as she posed for the paparazzi outside the event.

Speaking of England, Taylor hung out with Englishman/tourmate Ed Sheeran over the weekend, hiking through the Hollywood Hills and making the most of the mild weather.

And on Sunday, Swift scored the Artist of the Year trophy and Favorite Female Artist Pop Rock honors at the American Music Awards.

Afterwards, Taylor tweeted her fans, “You guys are the strongest, most powerful bond in my life. I really appreciate the AMAs you won us tonight. Thank you so much.”