Taylor Momsen Featured in Maxim November 2013

Taylor Momsen Featured in Maxim November 2013

Stepping away from her band The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen scored a feature in the November 2013 issue of Maxim magazine.

While showing off her edgy style for the sultry spread, the former “Gossip Girl” dished about transformation into a rocker chick.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Momsen”s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to visit Maxim!

On her shoots and videos:
“I”m very involved in anything to do with creative, and I actually co-directed the video for “My Medicine.” I like to blend music with image, and at my age sexuality is a big part of that, so it seems fitting to me.”

On her music:
“I”ve been making music since I can remember, and a few years ago I got to a place where I had a bad and could quit acting; that was my day job. I was 12 when I signed on to “Gossip Girl,” and since then I”ve had two records, toured with Guns n” Roses… I mean, it feels like a different world.”

On her parents:
“My dad has a huge vinyl collection, so I grew up with the Beatles, Zeppelin, and the Who. It”s like they say: Once you listen to great music, how can you listen to sh**** music”