Tanning Mom — New Jersey Tanning Ban IS A GREAT IDEA

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It”s about damn time New Jersey banned children from tanning — at least without parental permission — this according to the face of the biggest underage tanning scandal in history.

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil got emotional on the street yesterday … telling our sources, she fully supports Governor Chris Christie“s new “Tan Mom Law” that bans anyone under 17 from going to tanning salons without a parental stamp of approval.

Patricia tells us, “I don”t think children ever should tan … I believe that it should be something that”s spoken about and now it”s been rectified after I went through a year of mockery for something I never would do and did not do.”

Quick recap: Patricia was arrested last year on child endangerment charges after being accused of putting her 5-year-old in a tanning booth. Patricia denied the charges from the beginning, and a grand jury opted not to indict her.

Now, Patricia — who says she”s stopped tanning since her arrest — tells us, “It makes me sick when I go by a tanning place.” She has a LOT more to say as well … and even bashes her hometown for turning on her. You gotta watch.