Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil — I’m Divorcing My Small Penis’d Husband

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Tan Mom“s marriage is OVER — and shockingly, she”s the one calling it off — this according to divorce docs filed in New Jersey and obtained by our sources.

Just 3 weeks after Patricia Krentcil bitched about the size of her hubby”s allegedly tiny penis during her disastrous stand-up comedy debut, Tan Mom has officially filed for divorce from Richard Krentcil.

Tan Mom tells our sources … she decided to call off the 8-year marriage because Richard recently failed a lie detector test about infidelity on a TV show called “The Test.”

In the docs, Tan Mom demands $500 per week in spousal support PLUS $500 per week in child support so she can care for their 2 children.  Tan Mom is also asking for full custody.

We spoke to Richard who tells us … he wants to STAY with Patricia and hopes they can work out their issues.

He”s got his work cut out for him, because in Tan Mom”s stand-up act, she complained that her sex life was terrible — “OK, let”s have an orgasm, NOT!”