Tamra Barney Reveals She Had Cervical Cancer

The stars of Bravo”s Real Housewives franchises are no strangers to plastic surgery. Whether they”re getting their lips plumped, faces lifted or breasts done, there have been women on the shows willing to go under the knife on camera.

But on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, veteran Housewife Tamra Barney had her breast implants removed. And now she”s appearing on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss why.

“I have a long list of reasons why I had them removed,” Barney says in a clip of the episode airing Thursday. “Starting with they always felt too big for my body.”

But, she continues, there was something more serious than her aesthetic reasons. “I had a little health scare,” Barney says. “I was going through this divorce. I go to the doctor and I have lumps in my breasts and I had cervical cancer that had to be removed.”

By taking her breast implants out, Barney says she wanted to take control over her body.

“I really went through this like, “What is going on with my body What is going on” I”m talking to my doctor about … doing a hysterectomy,” she says, “and I have lumps and I”m thinking, “Oh my god. I needed to take over my body.” ”

When Dr. Oz asks what she felt when she heard that she had cancer, Barney gives a one-word answer: “Panic.”