Tamera Mowry — Yes I Steamed My Vag… Yes It Was Weird

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Tamera Mowry will do whatever it takes to stay right and tight … down there … even if that means blasting hot steam and weird Korean herbs into her hoo ha. But would she do it again

On recent episode of “Tia and Tamera” the sisters were seen getting a V-Steam: an ancient Korean tradition where women sit on a toilet-like apparatus and have a mixture of hot steam, mugwort tea and wormwood blasted into their vagina … to make it fresh. Really, it”s a thing.

So when our photog spotted Tamera in LA this week he HAD to ask … what was it like

Tamera (who had a baby last November) gives us the low down on what the vag-bath did to her lady bits — it”s pretty hilarious — and reveals whether she”d go back for round 2.