Takeru Kobayashi INHALES Whole Pizza at Super Bowl Party

Know why your Super Bowl party sucked Because competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi wasn”t there … eating an ENTIRE PIZZA in one-minute flat.

Kobayashi”s rep tells our sources, some guy on Long Island paid the human garbage disposal to make an appearance at his 40-person Super Bowl party last night … and perform an eating challenge.

Kobayashi decided to attempt to break his world record for scarfing a 12-inch pizza (1 minute 9.36 seconds). In the clip, Kobay downs the 12-incher in 60 seconds flat … but it wasn”t an official event, so it doesn”t count as a new record.

His rep wouldn”t comment on how much he was paid — but Kobay”s publicized rate for lunch or dinner appearances is $1,500.

Kobayashi also accepted a beer chugging challenge from a random party goer yesterday … but we were a little disappointed with TK”s performance.