Sylvester Stallone — I Got SCREWED By a Con Man … Thanks to Lisa Vanderpump

Sylvester Stallone
claims he was victimized by an “incompetent con man” who bilked him out of $1.4 million in a “shameful” home repair scheme … and Sly claims he never would have gotten involved with the guy if it wasn”t for Lisa Vanderpump

Stallone has declared legal war on a Mohamed Hadid — claiming the guy is “unscrupulous, unlicensed predator” posing as a qualified general contractor. 

In his lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by legal pit bull Marty Singer, Stallone claims he hired Hadid to perform high-quality work on his L.A. mansion in 2009 … and what he got was “inexpensive, damaged deteriorating and uneven cabinetry and malfunctioning appliances.”

“Far from the top quality job promised, Hadid”s work was riddled with defects , abysmal quality and poor workmanship.”

Now, Stallone wants all of his money back … plus damages … and warns, “If you want to hire an incompetent con man to do construction, then Mohamed Hadid is your man.”