Sylvester Stallone Hurls N Word at Paparazzi


Sylvester Stallone had some harsh words for a paparazzo in Beverly Hills Thursday … grousing, “This f**king n***er here, this f**ker.”

Sly was leaving Caffe Roma with a friend.  They were followed by a group of photogs.  Sly then hurls the racial epithet.  It comes at 7 seconds into the clip.

The video is a little difficult to hear, but as Sly turns the corner and looks over his right shoulder — back at the paparazzi — you clearly hear him use the n word.  A little later in the video, you hear a female photog say to Sly, “Why the racial slurs”

There were African-American photogs shooting Sly at Caffe Roma, but it”s unclear if the epithet was directed at them.

We”ve put in calls to Sly”s rep.  So far … no comment.