Suspect 1 Dead in Boston Bombing — City Is A Warzone

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Suspect #1 in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead, following a shootout with cops, suspect #2 is on the loose, and the City is on lockdown as police conduct a massive search.

A law enforcement officer died in process of subduing #1, and Boston residence are now urged to all stay in their homes as the remaining man is sought.  There are reports law enforcement believes #2 has explosives strapped to his body.

The drama began to unfold Thursday night at around 10:30, with a robbery at a convenience store near MIT.   Apparently both #1 and 2 were the perps … the carjacked a Mercedes (the owner escaped) and police then engaged them in a wild chase.  The suspects apparently threw explosives out of the stolen car — possibly grenades.

Suspect 1 was hit by gunfire and died later.  According to reports, #2 was also in the car but escaped.  There is a massive manhunt underway, with heavily armed and protected cops going door-to-door.

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