Suri Cruise Practices Gymnastics in New York

Suri Cruise
For Suri Cruise, life in fast-paced New York City isn”t slowing down.

Once again, the 6-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made her way to the Chelsea Piers recreational center Thursday, where she donned a blue leotard for a gymnastics lesson.

It was another summer outing for the young Cruise and Holmes, who dropped her daughter off at the Piers, not far from their new N.Y.C. apartment.

Amid the divorce drama that began two weeks ago – and peaked when the actress was granted primary custody, according to sources, Monday – the mother-daughter duo, often joined by Holme”s mother Kathleen, have enjoyed the city, from the art museum to the zoo (and a little ice cream in between).
– Alison Schwartz

Suri Cruise Practices Gymnastics in New York| New York, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Gym

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise at Chelsea Piers

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