Suri Cruise — Loves a Good Black & Tan … German Shepard

exclusive 0814_suri_katy_cruise_wmSuri Cruise was drunk ON FUN this weekend … she hit up a Build-A-Bear shop with the lady she calls her mother, Katie Holmes, but instead of building a bear … she built a German Shepard. JA!

The littlest Cruise was out shopping at the Westfield Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, OH on Sunday … when she and Tom Cruise“s ex hit up the Build-A-Bear workshop for kicks and giggles, JA!

Sources on scene tell our sources … after perusing the options, the mini Cruise ditched the bears and picked out an 18″ black & tan German Shepard instead … which Build-A-Bear says “will bring a lifetime of love and hugs!” JA!

The fun didn”t stop there … we”re told Suri chose the name “Sara” for  the pooch”s “birth certificate” … but was adamant that “Sara” be spelled using ONLY four letters … because “Suri”  has just four letters too.

Good thinking mini cruise. JA!