Superhero dog survives ‘one in a million’ injury to head

Kilo deserves a treat. The 12-year-old pit bull took a bullet to the head as he lunged at a crook posing as a FedEx deliveryman during a hair-raising home invasion robbery on Staten Island. Miraculously, the dog survived as the bullet ricocheted off his skull and exited through the neck. “This is like, one in a million,” said Dr. Greg Panarello, whose veterinary staff put a little “S” for “superhero” on Kilo’s bandage. The fur hit the fan Saturday when the thug pushed his way into Justin Becker’s apartment. Becker pushed the door into the intruder, jamming him halfway outside the apartment. Kilo, possibly saving his owner’s life, then made his near-fatal leap at the intruder, who then fled. Kilo is recovering well.