Super Bowl 2013 Sign Language Guy — I GOT HAND INSURANCE

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Super Bowl sign language guy tells our sources, his hands are JUST LIKE Dolly Parton“s boobs … J. Lo”s butt … or Tom Jones” chest hair — so valuable they need their own freakin” insurance policy … but there”s a lot more to sign language than just hands.

John Maucere — who signed “America the Beautiful” and the national anthem at the big game — was out in L.A. yesterday with his interpreter when we asked how important it is to take care of your hands as a professional sign language-er.

John raised his hands, joking, “I have insurance.”

He added, “Hands are important, but you should know American Sign Language isn”t specific just for hands … There”s a lot happening on my face, with my mouth, with my body, the emotions, everything. That makes the entire language.” 

John also answers the ultimate question — if he had to choose … which finger would he chop off

FYI — Dolly reportedly had her breasts insured for $300,000 per boob, J. Lo $27 million for her butt, and Tom Jones $7,000,000 for his chest hair. It”s not unusual.