"Steven Tyler Act" Passes Hawaiian Senate

The invasion of privacy from the always-present paparazzi comes with the territory of being a celebrity, but now one state will be making the lives of Tinseltown”s biggest stars a little easier.

On Tuesday (March 5), Hawaii state senate announced that they have passed a bill titled, the ” Steven Tyler Act,” which protects stars against certain acts of privacy invasion against the shutterbugs.

According to Yahoo News, the act makes it possible to sue a photographer, or any other offending individual, “if the person captures or intends to capture, in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person, through any means a visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of another person while that person is engaging in a personal or familial activity with a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Last month, Tyler made his case in front of Hawaii”s state Senate Judiciary Committee where he explained, “When I”m in my own home and I”m taking a shower or changing clothes or eating or spending Christmas with my children, and I see paparazzi a mile away, shooting at me with lenses this long, and then seeing that very picture in People magazine, you know, it hurts…That”s what they do, they are just constantly taking from us.”

At this time, 23 out of the 25 Senate members voted in favor of the act and it will now move to the House for consideration. Be sure to stick with GossipCenter for all of the latest updates on this developing story.