Steve Nash Bar Mitzvah Bash — The BILLIONAIRE Connection

Exclusive 0319-steve-nash-torah

We finally found out why NBA superstar (and non-Jewish person) Steve Nash made an appearance at Bar Mitzvah in L.A. last weekend … and it was all made possible thanks to one of the RICHEST men on the planet.

Turns out, the boy who became a man is 13-year-old Mike Feinberg — and his daddy Jeff is a very wealthy person.

How wealthy, you ask Well, Mr. Jeffrey Feinberg is a bigshot hedge fund manager who worked as an executive at Soros Fund Management — as in, billionaire George Soros … the wealthiest hedge fund manager in the world.

After a couple of years kicking ass and raking in billions for the hedge fund, Jeff branched off and ran his own investment company — and it seems he did pretty well, “cause back in 2009, he was reportedly in the hunt to buy a stake in the Brooklyn Nets.

Sources close to Feinberg tell us … Jeff is a huge basketball fan with a TON of NBA friends — including Mr. Nash.

Jeff”s wife Stacey ain”t exactly a nobody either … she”s the daughter of legendary sports agent Bob Woolf … whose client list included Larry Bird, Doug Flutie, John Havlicek and even Larry King.

Point is … if your dad”s rich and your mother has sports connections up the wazoo … you might have a chance to get Steve Nash at your Bar Mitzvah too. Maybe …