Steve Nash — All Smiles Outside Court

Steve Nash
was in a surprisingly good mood this afternoon on his way into court — where his ex-wife is currently fighting him tooth and nail to move their kids to L.A. … and squeeze him for tons of child support.

We asked Steve a bunch of questions on his way back from lunch — like why he really doesn”t want his kids to move to L.A. … and whether he can elaborate on his refusal to retire from basketball. He responds to one of them. Check the clip.

our sources broke the story … Alejandra Nash filed court papers last week, asking a judge to lift a restraining order Steve had obtained against her … blocking her from moving their 3 kids to L.A.

Alejandra believes Nash wants her to stay put in Phoenix because it”s a lot easier to obtain child support in California … and Steve doesn”t want to pay up.

For his part, Steve has said he wants Alejandra to stay in Phoenix in case he”s traded or forced to retire … so the family isn”t uprooted a second time.

Steve famously signed with the L.A. Lakers over the N.Y. Knicks in order to be closer to his kids … so it”s a little weird he”s fighting Alejandra on the move.