Steve Holt — I’m Throwing an Epic ‘Arrested Development’ Premiere Party … STEVE HOLT!

Exclusive 0521-steve-holt-last-month
Arrested Development” star Justin Wade — who plays Steve Holt on the show (STEVE HOLT!!!) — couldn”t be more excited for the big premiere on Netflix this weekend … telling our sources, he”s planning to throw a massive rager to commemorate the big day.

Wade tells us, the festivities will kick off Sunday afternoon at his L.A. apartment — and he”s already invited more than 25 friends to come over and get crazy.

The episodes are going live at midnight on Saturday (12:01am PST Sunday) — after AD”s 7-year hiatus — but Wade says he and his friends plan to warm things up by re-watching some old favorites … i.e. the episodes Wade stars in.

Oh yeah, Wade says he”s also invited former AD castmate Justin Lee, who played Annyong.

Sounds like fun. Thanks Steve Holt!