Steve Carell Drops By ??The Tonight Show?

Steve Carell Drops By ??The Tonight Show?

Hes been busy promoting his new flick Despicable Me 2 as of late, and last night (June 24) Steve Carell paid a visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone star looked great and seemed to be in good spirits as he exchanged playful banter with the late night host.

And though he made a memorable appearance on the series finale of The Office, Steve kept it quiet by lying and saying he wouldnt return. Oh people hated me. [They said] You jerk! You owe that show everything and youre not going back What a jerk!

Carell also shared a funny story from his promotional duties overseas. I recently did the Graham Norton Show. Hes great. They have three guests that sit on the couch and theyre there from the beginning of the show. And it was me and Kristen Wiig and Chris ODowd and it was really fun.

Right in the middle of the interview, this enormous fly came flying in and Kristen freaked out And I explained, This is the best way to kill a fly. Chris reached down and took a drink of his water, and he had partially swallowed the fly. He actually bit into it because he thought it was a piece of ice. So that was a rare moment.