Steve Aoki — Private Jet Jump Stunt Was 100% LEGIT

Exclusive 091313_steve_aoki_tmzlive_launch
Steve Aoki insists he wasn”t BS”ing when he posted a photo of himself floating magically above his private jet on Friday … and he just called in to our sources Live to prove it.

We saw the photo this morning on Instagram and immediately thought it had to be Photoshopped … but Aoki said no way, explaining he does similar “Aoki jumps” all around the world.

0913_STEVE_AOKI_INSATGRAMAccording to Aoki, it was the pilot”s last flight of the day, so the guy didn”t mind having a little fun with the plane. We still weren”t convinced, so Aoki just posted video proof on Twitter.

Oh yeah, and remember the insane cake toss that creamed the kid in a wheelchair last month Steve says he INTENDED to hit the guy. You gotta hear all about it.


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