Steve Aoki Lobs Cake 80 Feet … Rocks Wheelchair Kid in the Face

This video is so unbelievable we nearly can”t believe it — Steve Aoki launched a FULL CAKE from his DJ booth at a show over the weekend in Toronto … hurling it 80 feet deep into the crowd … and it splattered SQUARELY on some poor kid in a wheelchair.

Seriously. The throw could not have been more perfect. Drew Brees couldn”t have pulled this off. Which is why our BS alarms are going off.

We can”t prove it”s some fake viral nonsense, so we”ll let you decide. For his part, Aoki is saying it”s real. He just tweeted, “i love this kid! i still cant believe i threw this cake 80 feet direct to the face! love u dawg!”

For the record, Aoki does the cake thing all the time at his shows, so it”s entirely plausible this is legit.