Stars Shine at 7th Annual ??Freeing Voices, Changing Lives? Gala

Stars Shine at 7th Annual ??Freeing Voices, Changing Lives? Gala

Kicking off the week with some philanthropic goodness, some of Tinseltowns famous folks showed up at the 7th Annual Freeing Voices, Changing Lives benefit gala in New York City last night (June 3).

Hollywood hunks like Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson got all gussied up for the affair, held at Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattans trendy Tribeca neighborhood.

Also in the house was John Krasinski along with his gorgeous wife Emily Blunt, who told press she has a special connection to the Freeing Voices, Changing Lives organization given that she used to suffer from stammering and stuttering.

Blunt explained, I wish to God I”d known about them as a kid, because I maybe would have avoided eight to nine years of it not being an easy time. Between the age of 7 and 14 was when it was really bad. And around 12 it was at its worst. Not an awkward age at all to be unable to speak.

Emily credits an amazing voice teacher with helping her overcome her speech impediment. [But] I couldn”t talk. He said, Well, why don”t you try it in a different voice Try to do a funny voice or an accent. Maybe that would help. But it really did, I was actually able to speak fluently. Once you”re able to hear yourself speak fluently, albeit in a ridiculous accent, you gain the confidence to think this could happen again and again. It was easier after that night, of that school play. It all became a bit easier.