Stars Flock To Stand Up For Gus Benefit

Stars Flock To Stand Up For Gus Benefit

Tinseltown has always loved a good cause, and there were plenty of celebrities in the house at the Stand Up For Gus benefit in West Hollywood last night (November 13).

Matt Damon, Mel Gibson and Kiefer Sutherland all showed up to voice their support for Jason Patrics charity, set up to raise money to help families with limited resources who are struggling with custody issues.

As for the ladies, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nikki Reed and Sarah Silverman got all gussied up and headed over to the Bootsy Bellows venue.

On the Stand Up to Gus website, Patric writes, Almost four years ago, I was blessed with a baby boy named Gus. For the first 3 years of his childhood I was a consistent physical and emotional presence in his life. My world was better in every way with Gus in itI loved being a father. But that all changed in an instant. I was stripped of my rights as a parent. An outdated statute meant for sperm donors was applied to me simply because Gus mother and I were unmarried and used IVF to conceive.

Not being able to see my son for almost a year, has been the worst pain that I can imagine. Except, when I think about little Gus, who has no idea what happened to his dadaone day his dada was there and the next he was gone.