Stanley Cup — Boozing with Little People … and Chuck Liddell

The Stanley Cup was a whore last night … because it let all sorts of strangers rub their mouths and butts all over it for hours … and our sources has the pics.

The enablers were several members of the world champion L.A. Kings — who treated Stanley to a night of mayhem at Beacher”s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

During the show, the Kings were entertained by The Little Kings — a band of little people dressed up like their NHL counterparts … who used the cup as a chair when their tiny feet got tired.

We”re told the Kings arrived to the party with David Beckham … and were met at the venue by UFC legend Chuck Liddell … who filled the cup with beer and had the Kings hoist it up so he could chug with the champs.

But Stanley”s night ended early — “cause the cup has a curfew. We”re told right before midnight, the cup”s handlers whisked Stanley out of the venue … so it could be all gussied up for today”s championship parade.

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