Stacy Keibler: West Hollywood Social Butterfly

Stacy Keibler: West Hollywood Social Butterfly

Stepping out for a friendly visit, Stacy Keibler showed up at a pals pad in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon (March 27).

The former pro wrestler looked cute and casual in a black jacket, black cap, and jeans as she chatted on her mobile phone while scurrying up to her friends house.

Amidst all the breakup rumors, an insider told press that Stacy and her boyfriend George Clooney are actually a great, albeit unconventional, fit for each other.

At first, I wouldn”t have given them two months, much less two years. While Stacy is certainly gorgeous, she”s this D-List celebrity on the arm of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. But George only seems more drawn to her as time goes by.

This is the most comfortable I”ve seen George in a relationship. I think George may even realize, as he”s getting on in years, his pledge to remain a bachelor is kind of a hollow one.