Sports — We Want YOU … Unless You Suck!

It”s happening … our sources Sports is finally taking off the training wheels — and we need some quality sports-aholics to help get this thing running full speed, ASAP.

You know our work — we”re delivering HUGE stories in the Aaron Hernandez murder case, we were ALL OVER the Chad Johnson ass-slap debacle and when Puig broke out the Phantom in Hollywood — we were there.

We”re NOT looking for lazy, camera hoggin” fame-whores (we”ve already got enough of those) — we need some hard-working, motivated people with FIRE in their bellies to help us get the content our users want to see. Plus, you”ll also be on camera.

Do you have what it takes to break sports news To work on a REAL deadline To put up with Harvey Levin on a daily basis

If this sounds like something you want — make a quick video and tell us why you should be the next employee at our sources Sports.