Spike Lee — Superfan Turns Traitor … Parties with Miami Heat

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Miami Heat parties are so ballin”… even their most hated enemies will bow down for a chance to hang with the champs — just ask #1 Knicks fan Spike Lee!

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh hosted a sick bash at Club Bamboo on South Beach Friday night — with a ton of celeb guests.

Drake and Timbaland were there — as well as actual Heat fan Flo Rida.

Spike famously sits courtside, covered in team gear, for almost every NY Knicks home game at Madison Square Garden — especially when they”re playing rivals like the Heat.

But we think Spike deserves a pass on this one though. His precious Knicks haven”t won the title since Spike was 16 (in “73).

Plus, ya see that freakin” cake