Spider-Man would be proud: Emma and Andrew survey New York from the Empire State

Spider-Man would be proud: Emma and Andrew survey New York from the Empire State

The Amazing Spider-Man wouldn”t think twice about scampering up the side of the Empire State building.

But the cast of the film, including Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone looked slightly wobbly as they gathered at the building”s top to take photos.


Rhys Ifans could be seen holding onto the pairs legs as they leaned back over the ledge to capture some snaps with New York”s impressive skyline in the background.

Andrew takes the title role in the superhero film, which is a reboot of the existing film saga starring Toby Maguire and revisits the early days of Spider-Man.

Emma plays Gwen Stacey, a college student who is Peter Parker”s first love before he goes on to meet Mary Jane.

Meanwhile Welsh actor Rhys portrays Doctor Curt Connors – aka The Lizard – a former business partner of Peter Parker”s father who becomes Spider-Man”s enemy.

The cast are busy in New York this week on the promotional trail for the movie, after a string of premieres across Europe.

Emma and Andrew met for the first time on set, and are said to have subsequently fallen in love.

The couple have been refusing to answer questions about their romance, but they looked very together at the Empire State event this week.

Andrew held his 23-yeear-old girlfriend close as they leant back to take pictures.

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