Speck Mellencamp — Surrenders to Cops After Alleged Porch Beating

0816-Speck-Mellencamp-mug-shot-article-tmzSpeck Mellencamp — the 18-year-old son of singer John Mellencamp — has turned himself in to authorities in Monroe County, Indiana in connection with the brutal porch beating of a 19-year-old man.

Speck — along with his 19-year-old brother Hud and their alleged accomplice Ty Smith — have all been charged with felony battery after allegedly unleashing a ferocious beatdown on a man who was sitting on his own front porch.

As we previously reported, the victim claims all three men attacked without warning … and stomped, punched and kicked him … resulting in a several facial fractures.

The victim claims Speck threw the first punch.

FYI — Ty Smith is the son of Indiana University baseball coach Tracy Smith.

Both Speck and Smith have been released from custody on $5,000 bail.

As for Hud, we”re told he”s expected to surrender to authorities sometime tomorrow.

Stay tuned …