Special moments from Andrea Casiraghi"s family album

Special moments from Andrea Casiraghi
The birth of Andrea Casiraghi“s first child with his fiancée Tatiana Santo Domingo has put Monaco”s reigning family in the spotlight once again.

For his mother Princess Caroline the news will be bitter-sweet. The proud royal grandmother will, no doubt, think back to the day she and her husband Stefano Casiraghi brought home their eldest son (pictured below). Just six years later the charismatic Italian businessman had died tragically young, leaving her to raise their young family alone.

The new arrival is joyous proof that life goes on.

In celebration of the baby”s debut we take a look back through the Grimaldis” family album, to Caroline”s own palace upbringing alongside her brother, now Albert II, and sister Princess Stephanie through to the childhood of Andrea and his siblings.