Spain"s King Juan Carlos unhurt after explosion at hospital

A fire has broken out in the Madrid clinic where King Juan Carlos of Spain is recovering from a hernia operation.

The flames were caused by an explosion in the main wing of La Milagrosa Medical Centre, where oxygen supplies are kept.

King Juan Carlos, who is staying in a different section of the hospital, wasn”t affected by the drama and remained in his room as firefighters extinguished the flames.


Spain”s monarch is focused on making a full recovery from his most recent health setback. The king, 75, underwent a three hour-long operation on Sunday for herniated discs in his lower back.

The palace announced the surgery had “proved entirely satisfactory” and it wasn”t long before his wife, Queen Sofia, son Crown Prince Felipe and the extended family visited the hospital to check that all was well with the royal patriarch.

Juan Carlos is expected to spend at least a week in hospital before he is released to continue his recovery at Zarzuela Palace. He has undergone a total of seven operations, for an assortment of health problems, in the past three years. In April 2012, the royal underwent a hip replacement after falling during a controversial trip to Botswana.

Despite his health problems, the King retains his sense of humour. “Once again, once again,” he said as he arrived for his latest surgery, smiling and waving to reporters through the open window of a dark SUV.