Soulja Boy — Sued For Bentley Hit-and-Run

Breaking News 1015_soulja-boy_tmzSoulja Boy just got nailed with a lawsuit over an alleged hit-and-run in an accident involving his very expensive Bentley.

We broke the story … one of S.B.”s friendsAbrahim Mustafa — was cruising around in the Bentley in January when the car slammed into a motorcycle.  The impact sent Gabor Turi flying off his bike … causing some pretty nasty injuries … and the Bentley sped off into the Hollywood darkness.

Cops didn”t make an arrest until May … after a friend of Turi”s nosed around the site of the impact and found a valet at Roscoe”s Chicken and Waffles who ID”d the Bentley and knew Soulja owned it.

Here”s the problem for Soulja.  In California, the owner of a vehicle who gives someone permission to drive is responsible when the driver screws up.  Thus the lawsuit.