Sorry ladies! ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ is taken: Runner who became internet star is in committed relationship with girlfriend of five years

Sorry ladies, but Zeddie Little is off the market. The man who became an Internet sensation after being dubbed ‘Ridiculously photogenic guy’ is in a serious relationship, MailOnline can reveal. Zeddie Little is ‘very committed’ to his girlfriend of five years and is overwhelmed by all the attention he has been receiving, his father said.

What’s up, good looking? Zeddie Little, 25, has become an Internet sensation after an amateur photographer randomly took his photo during a 10K run in Charleston, South Carolina

Overnight sensation: Zeddie Little already has 2,327 likes on his Facebook fan page
He also revealed his son has spent years trying to break into the PR business – only to become famous overnight.
Zeddie Little’s father spoke as the clamour for his son’s handsome looks and winning smile showed no sign of abating.
It now turns out that not only is the 25-year-old fit, he can cook, has a college degree and appears to have a bright future ahead of him.

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A Facebook group set up in his honour had 800 likes by 9am on Friday – but by 10am there were more than 1,700 fans.
His picture had already been viewed more than 1.25 million times on Flickr since being posted on March 31.
Speaking from his home in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, his father Zeddie Little, who goes by the name Jack, said: ‘What’s happened is crazy. I think it’s phenomenal and it’s been fun to watch because my son is such a hard-working and unassuming guy.

Is there anything he can’t do? Even with a horse in the background, left, and wearing crocs, right, Zeddie Little still looks ridiculously photogenic as his popularity shows no signs of abating
‘This is totally unexpected and has just happened – he was in the right place at the right time with the right smile.
‘He has never done any modelling or anything like that. Right now he’s trying to break into the PR business in New York, so this will probably help.
‘He’s done a few part-time jobs but has just got something permanent.
‘He’s a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, he doesn’t know what to do and when he called me to tell me about it he said: “I can’t believe it!”‘
According to the Charleston City Paper, Zeddie Little met his girlfriend in 2007 whilst working at a pizza restaurant in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina.
The pair moved to New York last spring and he worked several restaurant jobs while doing internships.

Spoof: The photograph has become an Internet meme with others adding cheeky captions to the picture
On Wednesday, the very day he landed his first permanent job with a music PR company in the city, he became famous on the Internet.
Jack Little, 58, who runs an organization providing emergency food and clothing to the needy, said: ‘My son is in a relationship and he is very committed to his girlfriend. I’m not sure what she makes of all this attention he has been receiving.
‘I’m excited for him. Yeah, I mean he’s always been very quiet and very conscientious and never wanted any attention, and I think he’s very much deserving of it.’
Zeddie Little was photographed last weekend when he went home to compete in the 10km Cooper Bridge run in Charleston.

Run for it: Mr Little, returned to his home state of South Carolina to compete in the 10k Cooper Bridge Run, when he was snapped by a photographer
Power of the Internet: Zeddie Little has become an overnight celebrity after he was randomly photographed looking cheerful and at ease while running a 10k
Amateur photographer Will King took a picture of him with his beaming smile and flowing hair, and tagged it on his Flickr account as ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’.
Mr King told local paper the Post and Courier: ‘One of my friends commented on the picture and said something along the lines of ‘I dub this guy Mr Ridiculously Photogenic’.
‘I thought it was a pretty cool comment, so I posted it on (Internet news website) Reddit. For some reason it just took off from there.’
The photograph has become an Internet meme with others adding cheeky captions to the picture such as: ‘Goes For Run: Inadvertently Teaches World How To Spell ‘Ridiculously’; and ‘Goes for a jog… whole town follows him’.

Running joke: Zeddie Little’s picture has caused much hilarity as multiple spoofs have sprung up online
On the Facebook fan page one girl had written: ‘lol [sic] he is extremely good looking for a random dude’.
According to the Charleston City Paper Zeddie Little went to West Ashley High School in the city then attended the College of Charleston.
He graduated in 2009 with a BA in arts in communications but during his studies he worked at the EVO Pizzeria in North Charleston.
Ricky Hacker, who owns the restaurant, said that Zeddie Little was the first person he gave a job to when he opened in March 2007
He told the Charleston City Paper: ‘He was ambitious. He was a really smart guy. He understood food well and was very interested in it and read a lot on his own.
‘He was very interested in other restaurant scenes outside of Charleston, and he was really in tune with what was going on in New York.’
Mr Hacker added recent events were ‘pretty unexpected, obviously’.
He said: ‘You know, from Charleston, you live in New York, and you get discovered in Charleston.
‘The man was just trying to exercise’.
Even the man himself appeared to see the funny side to it all.
On Zeddie Little’s personal Facebook page he had posted the link to his photo on Reddit with the comment: ‘What the? I’m officially famous.’