Snoop Dogg — REUNITES with Suge Knight!!

Breaking News 0222_snoop_suge_instagramIt”s the reunion that NOBODY saw coming … Snoop Dogg hanging out in a nightclub with former Death Row Records honcho Suge Knight … smiling and partying together during a recent night out.

Snoop just posted the photo to his Instagram page … with the caption, “N d club wit Suge miss those death row days!”

It”s unclear when and where the photo was taken.

Snoop — a former Death Row rapper — hasn”t been friendly with Suge since the “90s.

Snoop has previously explained that Suge and Tupac got pissed at him because they felt he didn”t have their back when Death Row was beefin” with Bad Boy Records.

It”s unclear what happened to trigger the truce — but If these two can make peace … maybe there”s hope for the Middle East.