Snooki Pregnant: ‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-Off — Baby Stores Put on Snooki Alert

Forget boozy nightclubs and bar fights — mama Snooki“s new “Jersey Shore” spin-off will be all about the guido growing in her uterus … in fact, one Jersey City baby store has already been contacted by producers about shooting on location.

The owner of Bambi Baby tells our sources, someone from 495 Productions — the company behind “Jersey Shore” — reached out to the baby store within the last few weeks … right around the time Snooki was adamantly denying she was pregnant.

We”re told 495 asked Bambi for permission to shoot some scenes inside the store — and after some initial hesitation … the owner agreed.

It”s unclear when shooting is scheduled to begin — but one thing”s for sure, the only thing Snooki will be smush-smushing on her new show … is baby food.