Snooki — Chris Christie Hates My Guts

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Gov. Chris Christie hates Snooki more than Snooki hates sobriety … so says the MTV star … and it couldn”t have been more apparent during an awkward encounter in NJ moments ago.

Christie and Snooki came face-to-face on the Seaside Heights boardwalk after taping separate segments for the “Today” show.

During the exchange, Snooki complains that Christie is standing too close to her … so Christie comically leans in even closer.

After Christie extended a handshake to the “Jersey Shore” star — who was flanked by JWoww and Deena Cortese —  Snook tells CC, “I just wanted to meet you, and just, hope you start to like us.”

As Snooki walks away, she pulls the “I hate your guts” face … it”s classic.

After the encounter, Snook tweeted a photo of the meeting — and wrote, “Getting told why we are bad for jersey. Amazing.”