‘Smurf’ Star Michael Bell — R.I.P Smurfette … The Smurf Other Smurfs Dreamed Of

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It was a sad day in Smurf Village earlier this month … when the woman who voiced Smurfette moved on to that big mushroom patch in the sky … and now one of her co-stars is honoring her Smurf life with a touching final tribute.

Besides Smurfette, Lucille Bliss did voice work for a ton of animated classics, including the Flintstones, 101 Dalmations and Cinderella.  She passed away on Nov. 8 at the age of 96.

our sources spoke to Michael Bell — a.k.a. the voice of Grouchy Smurf, Lazy Smurf and Handy Smurf — who tells us Lucille was so special to him, he penned the following note in her memory:

“Goodbye Lucille. You were the stuff Smurf dreams were made of. I know Lazy Smurf dreamed about you … Handy Smurf made you lots of things you didn”t need … and Grouchy secretly had your pin-up calendar over his head.”

“You had more energy and grit then all of us blue boys put together. You were the original Smurf “It” girl … and you will be sorely missed.”

R.I.P Smurfette.