SisQó — Downsizes for ‘Thong Song’ … and It’s Just Sad

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“She had dumps like a truck truck truck … “

In the mood now Good …”cause we got SisQó performing his giant, monster, ENORMOUS hit, “Thong Song” last night — which is HUGE — but where he performed it is the real story here.

We found the R&B star doing his signature song from 2000 in Washington, DC suburb … Alexandria, VA. But not in an arena — a sports bar. A REALLY cramped, small sports bar.

You gotta see the video … “cause poor SisQó has to dodge bouncers and waitresses just to do a dance move.

Reminder … “Thong Song” went all the way to #3 on the charts … and SisQó used to perform it to sold out arenas with thousands of people singing along, “That thong thong thong thong thong!”

Things change.

Fun fact: “Thong Song” was blocked from #1 by … Santana”s “Maria Maria.”