Sinbad — My Broke Days Are Over!!! Now Let’s Talk About Murder …

Exclusive 072613_sinbad_launch
Sinbad“s financial nightmare is officially OVER — but the comic doesn”t wanna talk about money problems anymore … he wants to talk about FACEBOOK RAAAAGEEE!!!

Sinbad — who declared bankruptcy earlier this year — was at LAX Friday when we asked him about having a clean slate after racking up more than $10 MILLION in debt.

But the “Necessary Roughness” star told us, “I”m past financial, I”m on to murder.”

“I killed some folks on Facebook,” Sinbad said … “So I”m working with that. Anger issues.”

We”re guessing he was being metaphorical … and probably means he “killed” people with insults

Then again, we could be wrong …  and if that”s the case, dude, you should probably seek some advice from Ron Burgundy …