Sinbad — I’m BROKE … Again

Exclusive 0517-sinbad-scared-getty“90s comedian Sinbad claims he”s broke as a joke … again — filing for bankruptcy for the second time since 2009.

Sinbad (real name David Adkins) filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last month, claiming he owes $10,991,715 in debt … and only has $131,000 in assets.

The 56-year-old comedian — famous for his roles in “90s movies like “Houseguest” and “Jingle All the Way” — says he owes $374,979 to American Express, $32,199 to Bank of America, and $2.3 million to the CA Franchise Tax Board.

He also claims he owes $8.3 million to the IRS for taxes from 1998-2006, and admits he owes both state and federal taxes from 2009-2012.

According to the bankruptcy docs, Sinbad earns only $16,000 per month and can”t afford to pay his bills.

But the bright side, he”s still got some possessions — a 2007 BMW 750i, a 2006 VW Beetle, a 2010 Ford F150, a 2010 Lincoln Navigator, $5,000 in home office equipment … and 200 copies of “Sinbad”s Guide to Life” currently for sale on Amazon for $6.25 each.

Sinbad filed for bankruptcy once before in 2009, but the case was dismissed because he didn”t file the right documents. Calls to Sinbad weren”t returned.