‘Simpsons’ Exec — Edna’s NOT the Mystery Death

Exclusive 1026-edna-flanders-simpsons-death-ripThe big death being teased on “The Simpsons” this coming season is NOT Edna Krabappel — the character voiced by Marcia Wallace — the show”s executive producer tells our sources.

E.P. Al Jean tells us … they never planned that Edna would be the character to bite it.  In fact, he says they had been writing a storyline based on her newly-wedded life with Ned Flanders.

We”re told Marcia had been unable to do “Simpsons” voice over work for the past few weeks due to her declining health … but producers were still hoping for the best.

Al tells us the Edna character will more than likely be retired this season — but it”s too early to say how she”ll go away.

Al adds, “Marcia was such a sweet and talented woman … she will be missed.”

As we previously reported — Marcia died last night at her home in Los Angeles.