Simon Cowell Will Pay Dearly For Love Child

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The friend Simon Cowell betrayed wants out of his marriage STAT … because he thinks his wife is a starf**ker who doesn”t need any money from him because she”ll get a ton of cash from Simon … sources close to the couple tell our sources.

Our sources say Andrew Silverman is gunning for primary custody of their 7-year-old son because Lauren is deficient as a parent … often disappearing for long periods of time to hang with celebs.  We”re told Andrew found out of her affair with Simon this Spring, and was shocked when he saw a pic on our sources Friday … showing Simon and Lauren kissing in August, 2012, on a boat HE chartered.

We”re told there is a prenup and the money issues in the divorce are “minor.”  The real issue is custody.  As one source said, aside from the fact that Andrew doesn”t think Lauren is a very good parent, there”s an element of revenge for being utterly humiliated.

We”re told all 3 people in the relationship want the divorce to happen ASAP.  Simon feels it”s a disaster for his TV show and public image.  As for Lauren and Andrew, they both agree on one thing … Simon pays well.  They both expect Simon will do what he”s done with his other girlfriends — open up the vault.