Silver lining for Zara and Britain"s equestrian aces

Silver lining for Zara and Britain
Zara Phillips has won a silver Olympic medal as part of Team GB”s equestrian squad.

The coveted prize will be bestowed by her mother, Princess Anne, herself a former Olympian.


Having ridden in the 1976 Montreal Games, the Princess Royal understands the challenges that Zara faces.

On the final day of competition, she clipped a fence and incurred a time fault, meaning she went over the allocated 83 seconds.

“I just had to get on with it [after the second fence went down]. Unfortunately that happens,” she said.

But things fell into place for the Eventing heroes when fellow Olympians Mary King and Kristina Cook treated the crowds to  flawless performances – and secured silver medal.

Germany took top spot, with New Zealand snapping at Britain”s heels in third place.


Guide to Olympic Equestrian
Zara and her teammates are flying the flag for Britain in Eventing – an equestrian discipline that combines dressage, cross country and show jumping.
On the third and final day of the competition, scores from all three activities are collated and medals are awarded.
On day one, competitors took part in a dressage test. Dressage is the French term for “training” in which riders score points based on their ability to guide the horse through a series of graceful movements.
Next, came the cross country event, where riders had to complete a tough 5.7km course within an allocated time limit.
Jumping mistakes or exceeding the time limit result in penalty points being added to the previous day”s dressage score.
Finally, the event concludes with showjumping where riders must clear the course against the clock and without knocking down any fences.