Shock as video of Jay Z and Solange fight is released

Shock as video of Jay Z and Solange fight is released
Viewers were shocked to see a video reportedly showing Jay Z and his sister-in-law Solange involved in a fight.

The pair, who had attended a Met Ball after party in New York City, were leaving the Standard Hotel with Beyoncé when the argument broke out.

A CCTV video, released by TMZ, shows blurry clips of the attack which took place in the elevator.

Solange Knowles at the Met Ball

In the short clip, Jay Z is seen fending off Solange, 27. While the resolution is not entirely clear, it looks like Solange is screaming and shouting at her brother-in-law while her sister Beyoncé stands by.

Solange then attempts to kick the 44-year-old rapper but is held back by a bodyguard. Jay Z, likewise, fends off the kick and grabs her foot, but doesn”t hit her back. Beyoncé intervenes but mainly to untangle her gown from the row.

Jay Z and Beyoncé at the Met Ball

It is unclear what triggered the fight and as the website reported, the bodyguard stops the elevator at the 12th floor, presumably to keep the argument private.

When the trio emerge from the lift and walk out of the building, paparazzi catch Solange and Beyoncé getting into a car together while Jay Z steps into a different vehicle.
Earlier at the star-studded gala, the family had shown no signs of a disagreement. Beyoncé posted a photo of her and her husband cuddling up to each other at their table.