Shia LaBeouf Directs Dark Short Film: Watch Here!

Shia LaBeouf Directs Dark Short Film: Watch Here!

Delving into directing, Shia LaBeouf created a creepy short film entitled “Haunted Love,” set to the song by the same title by the band Future Unlimited.

In the short, the “Transformer” actor”s girlfriend Mia Goth plays the lead female role, with Future Unlimited frontman David Miller as her male counterpart.

Scenes include Mia poisoning David as a baby cries on the floor, the child later burning in a fireplace, a bloody bathtub birth, and a brutal ax attack.

In an interview with the New York Times, the 26-year-old budding director explained that the work was inspired by the dancer Deena Thompsen and music video director Alma Har”el. He shared, “Working with them re-introduced me to dance as an emotive art form — last dance I [played around] with was the Tootsie Roll. The experience both in being around them and keeping in touch creatively inspired me to start writing a treatment, which quickly became a monologue of a scorned woman.”

Check out the video in the player below, but take care if you”re part of the younger audience.