Shay Mitchell in Self June 2013: My Ultimate Role Would Be A Bond Girl

Shay Mitchell in Self June 2013: My Ultimate Role Would Be A Bond Girl

During promotions for the upcoming season of her hit ABC Family series “Pretty Little Liars,” Shay Mitchell rocked the cover of Self magazine”s June 2013 issue.

While showing off her flawless figure for the Dewey Nicks-shot spread, the 26-year-old actress opens up about her acting goals and her guilty pleasure foods.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Mitchell”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Self magazine!

On her future plans:
“My ultimate role would be a Bond girl. I love the action and the girl who does it in heels!”

On her ultimate food weaknesses:
“I can”t say no to pizza. I”ll 100 percent eat a while pie by myself. If I do, I just move on. No guilt.”

On her BFF”s on the set:
“Women should never compete with each other. We need to take away the jealousy, ego and all that. My costars and I are really close. It”s a nice sisterhood. Anytime they see a script that reminds them of me, they”ll be like, “You should go out for this part.” It”s always a total girl who kicks a**”

On her confidence and love for herself:
“Having been a model and knowing what goes down at photo shoots, I feel a lot more comfortable with myself now. When I was 17 and modeling in Hong Kong, a lot of my roommates were unhealthylaxative teas were bigand I had my problems, too. I”d starve myself for a day, and the next day I was hungry, tired and miserable. When I felt so bad about not being able to fit into size 0 jeans, I realized I had to make a change. Being beautiful doesn”t mean being skinny. It”s about being healthy.”